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SAT Test Preparation

Tami's Tutoring uses the Khan Academy program as our SAT prep program. It allows the student to provide an existing SAT score or take an evaluation to determine the areas they need to strengthen before taking the SAT. The online lessons are built based on the skills they need to improve and date they plan to take the SAT.

We will setup the student the first day of our SAT prep tutoring in the Khan system. We recommend they come either once or twice a week. This allows us to review progress, address questions, and work on a couple current lessons. Since they only come once or twice a week they will need to work independently to complete lessons, while Tami's Tutoring provides them on going support.

GED Test Preparation

Tami's Tutoring uses a variety of resources to assist students in preparing for the GED tests.  We use both written and online materials based on the subjects being studied. After assessing the students needs we develop a custom tutoring plan to assist them in learning.

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